Family Dental Care

Family Dental Care

At Marcoola Dental we care for the whole family. Prevention rather than treatment is the primary focus of the team at Marcoola Dental.  Our Dentist works with you to ensure your oral health is of the highest standard. Our thorough dental examinations allow early detection of problems and consequently less invasive treatment.

Regular check-ups and maintenance for your child is a vital component in promoting exceptional oral health long into their future.  At Marcoola Dental we pride ourselves on giving each child the best chance of developing a healthy and bright smile.

With increasing levels of childhood decay, it is extremely important your family receives thorough and age appropriate care for their dental health. Young children need to feel secure in their first interactions with their family dentist and we work with young families to ensure the first and subsequent visits are positive experiences and that parents have the appropriate information to care for a child’s changing mouth.

During teenage years increased intake of sugars results in more plaque and consequently more cavities. Regular dental examinations and cleaning are recommended during these important years.

Marcoola Dental participates in the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.  Child Dental Benefit Scheme provides $1000 of capped benefits over 2 years for eligible children to receive basic dental services.  If you are eligible for the scheme, we can bulk bill your child’s treatment meaning no out of pocket expenses.

For more information on this plan, eligibility and how you could benefit your child or teenager please contact our Practice on 5391 1625 and ask our friendly staff.

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