Exam and Clean

EXAM & CLEAN  Exam and Clean Exam and Clean

The in house examination will identify problems.  Even with regular brushing and flossing, plaque (a thick sticky film of bacteria) builds upon the surfaces of teeth. Over time the plaque can harden to become calculus, known as tartar, which can cause dental problems such as decay or gum disease. Your dentist will inspect your teeth and may take x-rays. A dental examination can identify problems such as decay, enamel defects, tooth sensitivity, discolouration, chips or cracks, broken-down fillings, misaligned teeth, and gum disease.

Your dentist will often recommend a six-monthly clean to remove stubborn areas of plaque and calculus from the teeth. This may involve removal of the built-up calculus, using dental instruments for scaling of the tooth surface to remove plaque/calculus from above the gum line and in shallow pockets below the gum line.   The benefits of dental cleaning include; healthier mouth, teeth feel smoother and looking cleaner and increasing the chance of keeping your teeth for life.

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